Bye Adam and Thank you…

It’s Adam’s last day, and we’d like to say ‘thank you’ for the huge part he has played in getting The Language Academy’s new website ready for release.

Adam, a UCLan graduate in TV Production, was appointed as our ‘Digital Content Writer: Graduate Intern’ just over 3 months ago and has worked hard ever since.  His mission was to coordinate the production of our new website…and he did it 🙂

We will be launching the site very, very soon – it’s just being proofread….

Many of you will have met Adam either in person, here in Preston, or online as he collected your stories and experiences of being here at The Language Academy.  We would also like to thank you for the time that you spent helping Adam and The Language Academy and look out for the new site soon…

So, we’ve stuffed Adam full of cake as part of his farewell and would like to wish him every success in what we hope is a very bright future for him 🙂


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